Well begun, and well done

Started the day with Parkrun. 24:51 of running, and about just as long chatting with the regulars. In fact spent first lap of the run chatting too – Anne’s dad, Rich from Phoenix, Andy, and Val. Never really bothered to run hard, but ended up with a decent time nonetheless. All the chatting in the first half meant that I had a negative split 🙂

It was a near perfect start to the weekend – a good run, lots of friendly faces, sunshine, and lots and lots of lovely, friendly dogs.

Back home, spent two hours reading the book in the conservatory. It was a beautiful morning with lots of sun, but often interspersed with dark clouds and chilly wind.

After lunch, made myself a coffee, and called home. It turned into an almost hour long video call with parents. It was nice to see them both. It was even better to end such a long call without getting into a fight over anything 😅

Had planned to call a friend too, but the long call home drained all my calling energy.

So I started with the long planned cleaning of the utility room. I expected it to be a long slog. 7 hours of slogging later, I’m only about ⅔rd done. I didn’t expect it to be that long slog!

At least the output is looking good.

While I was cleaning, Soham came over to spend some time while playing a video game and chatting.

I’d also brought Dudley over for the evening. He wasn’t happy though that I was cleaning, and not spending time with him.

After the long cleaning, took a long, hot shower, had dinner, and now watching MOTD.

I’m knackered, and very sleepy. Not broken, yet. Might have to cancel tomorrow’s bike ride plan though

It was a very good day. Hope tomorrow is more of the same.

May bank holiday checklist: part deux

Continuing with yesterday’s update on the May bank holiday weekend:

 Shoddy DIY

Not really DIY, but assembled R’s new IKEA desk

DIY - IKEA assembly

Suggest bike ride

Suggested, quite strongly, a bike ride to R. Got dismissed out of hand.

Thought of going for a short, solo one. Dozed off.

End of.


Went for a walk around Puttenham common. It’s a huge, beautiful green area just outside the next village, with everything – rolling hills with views of South downs and the Hog’s back, beautiful ponds (with swimming for both dogs and humans allowed), dense woodland (with colours varying from bright, adolescent green, to purple and brown), and lovely, dog & kid friendly pubs.

Had a lovely time. Even the lately tired, and grumpy, R was enjoying it today :)

And so the long weekend, with a happy, surprisingly good-weathered staycation, comes to an end.