Ankle pain..

.. is a sign of weekend spent well.

Started yesterday with the year’s best time at the parkrun. Only by 2 secs, but on a very windy day.

Then walked the boys, fixed the bathroom door, almost fixed the shower holder, did a bit of weeding, and played with the boy in the backyard.

Ended the day totally knackered, with almost 18000 steps, and an aching ankle. Happy but hurt.

Started today with a bit of reading—finished the latest issue of The Economist. Then went and ran the 1 mile TT at Stoke park. It felt harder than I remembered, but turned out to be 10s faster than last time.

Returned home, took the boys for walk, picked up Jyoti took station, did a bit of grocery shopping, then crashed on the sofa.

Spent the evening cleaning the hedge and weeds in the alley. Then fed the plants, gave Dudley a few hugs, and cleaned after Chewie.

I have 16K+ steps again today. Looks like I just may have beaten little S this week 🙂

Now I’m back on the sofa, icing the ankle, and watching Gully boy.

Ankle’s hurting, and it’s a sign of weekend spent well.

Hurt and happy.

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