VeryBritishProblems - Bank Holiday plans

Just another bank holiday weekend

Friday night movie.

Saturday – I worked in the garden, and R volunteered at Thames Path 100 (a 100 mile running race along the Thames path from London to Oxford).

I sweated in the yards – mowing the lawns and trimming the daffodils. R cheered, helped, and (most importantly obsessed and tweeted) over the competitors.

Her favourites:

  1. Craig – the guy who won the race, finishing in just over 14 hours. After taking a 40 min detour after 91 miles.  He was on track for a 100 mile record till he got lost.
  2. Mark (or was it Mike) – the guy who actually ran 200 miles. He ran from Oxford to London on Friday (27 hours), slept for 3 hours and then started the race to go back to Oxford. Finishing in 27 hours, again.
  3. Sam – 1st lady, and 2nd overall. Finished an hour ahead of the 3rd placed person. Many hours ahead of 2nd woman.
  4. The unnamed lady at her feedstation. R was pleased to finally meet someone with a stronger OCD, about keeping things clean and organised, than her. R’s feeling inspired.

Sunday – the day in the shire.

Ate my day’s calorie quota in breakfast and lunch. And then again in Dinner. And another half time over in snacks.

Read most of this week’s The Economist.

And, since it was a beautiful day, we spent a large part of it around the little Frensham pond.

The big boy (aka me) got 10,000 steps walking the trails around and above the pond, with loads of love, a sausage roll and 2 ice creams.
The little boy (aka Chewie) got more swimming done in half a day, than I’ve got done in the last year. Boy, was he happy!
As for R, she met enough happy dogs in these 2 days to turn even her tired body & grumpy head into a soft, mushy, lovable person ;)

The boy didn’t have energy to move one paw by the end of the Frensham walk/swim. And yet, by 7PM he was up and raring to go again. We actually played in the backyard for a bit. R couldn’t believe where either of us got energy for that. She’s been snuggled up under the duvet since the walk, except for the short trip out for dinner.

Ended the day with a dinner at Wagamama – average wine, good pad thai, and bit of cribbing about families (by me!)

Plan for tomorrow – the bank holiday Monday:

– Assemble R’s new Ikea table
– Go for another longish walk with Chewie, and maybe R, at Puttenham Common.
– Go for a ride – the first bike ride in months. Just a short 20 K ride.

Summary – 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7 completed. 1 & 6 planned for tomorrow.

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