Upgrading HDD → SSD

The hard disk on my laptop1 had been giving signs of being near failing. So, the weekend before last, I finally upgraded it to an SSD2.

The physical replacement was quick and easy. After considering just moving (cloning) the setup from my old hard disk, I decided to instead do a fresh OS install. The OS install was a breeze, but setting up all my customisations took a while. I live and work in Dropbox. Getting it all to download and sync took a few more days as well.

I had been dithering on this upgrade for over a year, and only did it now because of the state of the old HDD. Should’ve done it way earlier!

The transformation has been … extreme. So much so that it’s disrupted my workflow.

Earlier I used to switch on the laptop, and go to the kitchen to (say) put on water to boil for coffee. I’d come back a couple of minutes later to log in, then go back to the kitchen while the login & startup apps started. Another 5 or so mins later I’d come back and start Chrome and other core apps. This time, I’d pour the coffee out of easy filter, drink half a mug, and be back to see the apps almost fully open.

Now: I switch on the laptop, and by the time I’ve gotten up from the chair it’s asking for the password. Sit down, type password, press enter. By the time I slide in the keyboard tray and get up, it’s already logged in and ready. Start Chrome and other apps, and start to walk to the kitchen. Before I’ve left the room, everything is ready and waiting for work to start!

It’s too fast. Almost discomfortingly fast. I’ve lost my moments of peace, moments when I got lost in thoughts, did deep mental dives, meditated, or went to the loo. All while the computer was processing something. The upgrade means I don’t have time for any of those things anymore. Hell, I barely have time to breathe!

So, here’s my recommendation: If you want peace of mind, and calm, thoughtful breaks in your workflow, stay with an HDD in your system.

If you’re one of those blitzy fast cars type, dump the HDD, and upgrade to an SSD right away!

  1. I have a 5+ yo Samsung Series 5 laptop that I absolutely love. The only other change I’ve made to it is an upgrade to 8GB RAM. One big reason I haven’t bothered getting a new laptop is that there’s still nothing out there that’s good enough to entice me away from this. 
  2. Upgraded from a 500GB in build Samsung HDD to a 1GB Samsung 850 EVO. It’s at the higher end of SSDs, but the performance improvement so far has removed any qualms I had about paying £20 extra over the best alternative. It may have also helped that my HDD had never had more than 10% free space in last few years. 

Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

From Ulysses by Tennyson. Though I discovered it as read by M in Skyfall.

The full poem is available to read here.

Bloopers reel – today’s entry

Missed my morning coffee, and the heat was getting to me, so I kept a Coke Zero in the freezer. At 10:30 AM.

Life caught up. Got busy with gardening, with managing the heat for both of us, then picking up Raghs from the station, out for lunch, cleaning up, resting, evening walk, and more… stuff.

20:45. Remembered that I had left that Coke Zero in the freezer. Of course, it was a bit too late.

The upside: Freezer got a long overdue deep clean.

30 mins of 📈 anxiety

Lost my wallet. Looked all over the house, in the car, amongst the clothes, and anywhere else I could think of. Nothing.

Panic 😓

Drove to the cafe to get coffee. Tried to pay by contactless on mobile. Credit card declined.

More panic 😧

Drove to the sports park (Gym) – the last place I’d been with the wallet. Checked if anyone had returned a lost wallet. Nada.


Drove back home.

One last check – between the cushions of the sofa.

And there it is. Hidden tight between the cushions.

*breathing again* 😌

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It’s not feminism.

It’s humanism.

It’s about men getting to do things they want – cook, knit, cry in public, sing, wear beautiful pink shirts.

It’s about women getting to do things they want – drive lorries, develop AIs, fix plumbing, wear blue-grey suits, drink beer, and laugh out loud in public.

Or vice versa. Or both. Or neither.

It’s about everyone getting to be, and do, what they want, without the fear of repercussions – formal, informal, social, legal, or even just a slanted eye look.