Start of the year digital slate wipe

Un-followed about 200 people across my two Twitter accounts.
I’m sorry if you didn’t make the list, but this cull may not be permanent.

Archived all unread/unactioned emails from 2017 (and before).

Moved all but 3 unread articles from my Instapaper home folder to an archive folder.

How did your year start?

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Sidin’s 2018 resolutions…

1. Run a half-marathon
2. Blog
3. Don’t be an asshole
4. Read a lot
5. Podcast
6. Don’t be an asshole despite having read a lot
7. Learn to drive
8. Write better
9. Shave more often
10. Call home more often
11. Walk Hadrian’s Wall
12. Make new real-life friends.

Sidin, on Twitter

As new year resolution lists go, this is a really good one.

I like this even more because it makes me feel good about the number of things on that list I’ve improved on in last few months and years. Here’s some notes:
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Brief summary of what topics dominate my twitter timeline

Brief summary of what topics dominate my twitter timeline (in order of decreasing frequency)

On @adityabhaskar :

  1. Tech news
  2. Tech (mostly startup ecosystem) gossip
  3. Apple & Google bashing
  4. Real/Useful tech & startup articles

On @middlering:

  1. Cycling news of the day (Pro as well as UK cycle campaigning)
  2. Cyclist-hater outrage of the day
  3. BLL members encouraging/baiting each other
  4. Pro Cyclists’ tweets, both good and bad

On pseudonym twitter account:

  1. Outrage of the day
  2. twitterer gossip
  3. news from India

On pseudonym cycling account:

  1. ProCycling news of the day
  2. Discussion of said news
  3. Lance / Schleck hatred

Funnily, never thought about these while I was regularly reading Twitter. But, a few days of enforced absence reminded me of them in a very precise manner :)