Dream diary

SS, my first proper crush, appeared in a dream last night.

In the dream, I was travelling to Bombay and we ended up standing next to each other at the baggage belts1. We both faintly recognised each other, started talking, and then remembered fully. She didn’t like me much, for good reason, by the time we lost touch last time. So she was surprised to still be talking to me after she remembered who I was. I met her husband and her kids too. I think there were 2 or 3 kids, all nearly S’ age2. That was all there was… just a brief, friendly meeting at the airport. Yet, it was really, really nice to have met her after more than two decades3. I’ve been quite happy since :)

I tried looking her up on Google, but she doesn’t seem to have a public searchable profile. So, there’s no chance of actually reaching out to her and saying hello.

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The phenomenon that is Boston Globe’s Big Picture…

The phenomenon that is Boston Globe’s Big Picture blog.

  •    Started by someone with an eye for opportunity and good photographs.
  •    Powered on by the community with hundreds of comments and thousands of shares on each post.
  •    Turned into a closed network by a marketing maven who thought of harnessing the community info by linking in FB’s comment engine.

I discovered the blog sometime in 3rd quarter of 2008 (that’s the earliest share of that URL I can find in my rss). My visits to that treasure trove reduced a little after Alan Taylor, the good fella who started the blog, left. I stopped visiting completely, in frustration, after they removed the blog’s own commenting system and instead introduced the Facebook engine. Having quit FB in 2008 and being glad for it, I wasn’t going to join that waste of a site just to comment on BP.

Visited the blog again today after ages. Was happy, and sad. The feeling was similar as that when you visit your old school. The building, the memories, even some of the teachers are still there. But there are new guards at the gate now, who tell you, you no longer belong there. That love-longing-belonging-outcast feeling :(

[Feeling sad now. Don’t know if it is about the BP Blog or about the school I can never visit again]