The day

It’s three hours past my bed time. I’m still awake.

The day started with a slow lazy morning. My head was awake but the body was tired, so I stayed in bed.

I did a good day’s work, and had the boys and R for company. I stretched often, though not enough. I drank enough water, maybe too much.

Got a call in the evening that dampened the mood a bit. Received a rejection email that dampened it a bit more.

I must stick to the rule of not checking email after 6. Any wrong messages just knock the head off. I can take the knocks in the morning when I have work to dissolve the head in. In the evening they just ruin the sleep. Then the lack of sleep ruins the work, the run, and everything else in the next day.

In the last two hours, I finished reading Hemingway’s A movable feast. Then I read his Wikipedia page. I also read Scott Fitzgerald’s Wikipedia page. I read a few articles of the Economist. And now I’m writing this (on the phone!) while eating the Coffee & Walnut cake that R baked in the evening. It’s long past midnight, so it isn’t no-carb Wednesday anymore!

Please don’t go…

My favourite email client, Inbox by Gmail, is officially on its last legs. I’ve known about it since Google announced it a few months ago, but this message drove it in today :(

It’s a sad start to a sad day.

Screenshot 2018-11-14 at 08.38.22

I’ve been humming this in my head all morning…

Start of the year digital slate wipe

Un-followed about 200 people across my two Twitter accounts.
I’m sorry if you didn’t make the list, but this cull may not be permanent.

Archived all unread/unactioned emails from 2017 (and before).

Moved all but 3 unread articles from my Instapaper home folder to an archive folder.

How did your year start?

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