Last few tweets..

… just archiving.

Fri Aug 05 21:28:09:

“There’s no way to sugar coat it – if your work habits rely on minimizing windows you’re going to hate GNOME 3.” :(

Sat Aug 06 01:42:59:

Missing the long & strong tropical rain. The one which, once it starts, will go on for a few hours with no breaks :) #missingIndianMonsoons

Sat Aug 06 09:11:52:

Feeling bad for @julykatrae, no one @-mentions her or DMs her anymore. Other than me, that is. Show her some love, twitter!

Sat Aug 06 23:45:09:

2 small pints of beer and 3 tequila shots got me reasonably drunk. Not happy with myself. Off to sleep. Hopefully.

Sat Aug 06 23:57:36:

One night I take off to go drinking with friends and riots start off in Tottenham. London really can’t do without its super hero!

Sun Aug 07 01:00:52:

That frustrating feeling when you feel the tears welling up inside but they refuse to come out. Just finished reading: Half of a yellow sun.

Sun Aug 07 09:56:07:

From a family caught in civil war to families caught in Mumbai’s redevelopment fraud. From Chimamanda Adichie to Arvind Adiga. #Books

Sun Aug 07 13:50:50:

I hate hardcover editions of books :/

Sun Aug 07 13:55:08:

The ‘Ravi Shastri’ of Triathlon coverage just commented “he’s the picture of pain and the model of courage…’ :D #BBC

Sun Aug 07 15:53:03:

Glory glory Man United! :D

Sun Aug 07 15:54:05:

Also… just saw the movie… bhaag bhaag d k bose d k bose d k bose d k… bhaag bhaag

I’ve been good. And I’m better when drunk :)

It’s 5:30 AM and I’m still awake Spent…

It’s 5:30 AM and I’m still awake. Spent half the night reading on greader and, just as sleep started to envelope me, got an invite to Google+ in my mailbox. For the last hour or so been creating my profile and testing out the features.

Like it so far, perhaps this will become my alternative to Facebook (quit 2.5 yrs back) and Twitter (been inactive for almost 2 months now).

Thanks Harry prah!

P.S.: Missing my Nexus One even more, what with the G+ app on android.

Tweetdeck for Chrome

Installed the new Tweetdeck webapp for Chrome.

Thing I like the most about it: They’ve included the integrated Home & Me columns for which I so love their android app on my N1.

Don’t like:
1. Installing it (my 1st chrome webapp) has permanently changed my new tab page. I want it back!
2. Can’t send tweets by pressing enter.
3. Can’t mark tweets ‘read’ and then clear them off the screen/column.

Verdict: Staying with desktop (air) app for now.