Sidin’s 2018 resolutions…

1. Run a half-marathon
2. Blog
3. Don’t be an asshole
4. Read a lot
5. Podcast
6. Don’t be an asshole despite having read a lot
7. Learn to drive
8. Write better
9. Shave more often
10. Call home more often
11. Walk Hadrian’s Wall
12. Make new real-life friends.

Sidin, on Twitter

As new year resolution lists go, this is a really good one.

I like this even more because it makes me feel good about the number of things on that list I’ve improved on in last few months and years. Here’s some notes:

  1. (Run a half marathon) I’ve run a  fair few half marathons
  2. (Blog) I do blog on a semi-regular basis
    1. Removing all news & social media apps has been a great help,
    2. Posting from the WordPress mobile app has been the other help. Posting from the app helps me keep the posts quick, and not focus on completeness, formatting, and other such actions which may turn into blockers
  3. — skip —
  4. (Read a lot) My definition of ‘a lot’ may differ from Sidin’s, but reading did get a big boost over last few years. I didn’t keep track of books and articles in 2016, but did do so in 2017 – 31 books across genres and page sizes :D
  5. (Podcast) Since I’m never going to create a podcast, I’ll take this to mean listening to podcasts. And I did a fair bit of it in 2016 & 2017. Maybe too many!
  6. — skip —
  7. (Learn to drive) Already do. Must reduce – for health, financial and environmental reasons.
  8. — trying —
  9. (Shave more often) Regularly is my friend here. 2017 was the year I returned to my old schedule of 2 shaves a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It was a big jump over last few years.
  10. (Call home more often) Another improvement that I couldn’t have achieved without Regularly. 2017 was probably the first year, since I left home in 1997, that I spoke to parents at least once a week. Not counting the three weeks I spent at home over 2 visits. It may also have been the first year, since 1997, that my parents didn’t once complain about me not calling.
    Building on this success, I’ve now started (trying) to call a friend a week. Gave it a go in October, and will start again this week.
  11. (Walk Hadrian’s Wall) Probably, a nope. But there are other walking, hiking plans that I need to get from head/heart to execution.
  12. (Make new real-life friends) This. If I do this one thing in 2018, I hope it is this – make one real-life friend.

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