Flimsy ain’t all bad

When something looks flimsy, people handle it with care. This careful use helps it last longer.

The opposite is something that looks solid but isn’t. A solid look will invite people to use it as they please, often without care. The inherent flimsiness will succumb to careless use.

The ideal is something that is inherently solid. But if that’s not really available, rather have something flimsy looking on the outside than flimsy just on the inside.

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New experiment: weighted walk

Weighted bag - 5.9kg (and a bit)
Weighted bag – 5.9kg (and a bit)

Started a new experiment today – carrying a weighted bag for daily dog walks.

I walk at least one 45 min walk everyday, usually more. Carrying a small weight is just a minor increment.

Hope is that this will help me build up a bit of strength in shoulders and core.

The original plan was to fill up the bag with books, but it appears these bottles may provide a better load.

Let’s see in two months how it works out.

I broke myself

It felt good.

3 act Wednesday - run intervals, swim & gym
3 act Wednesday – run intervals, swim & gym

I could barely walk last night. Raghs had to drag me in from the sofa to the bed. I’m still sore, after 8 hours of good sleep.

I’m also happy. Body is clearly getting into good shape if I could still stand after doing all three activities well1 (and about 6 focused hours of work in between).

I’m happy. Hurt, and happy.

  1. Don’t judge the effort by the pace stats on the chart. It includes rest/recovery time between the intervals/laps. I don’t pause/stop the watch while resting.