I noticed that everyone in the new team signs off with their name and their pronoun. I know that there was a debate about pronouns and preferred pronouns a while ago. Since I’m not on any social media, nor watch any news TV, the debate mostly passed me by. The key place I noticed its effect was with Taylor Mason’s preferred pronouns in Billions, and Bobby Axelrod’s continued use of them even when they went to war against each other.

On noticing the pronouns in the email signatures, I did some research, and read articles arguing both sides of the debate. This one was particularly relevant for me since it pointed out both sides of the argument from a liberal PoV. Based on the reading, specially the linked article, I’ve decided not to add a pronoun for now. Once I’m comfortable with the new colleagues, I’ll speak to them about it — to understand more perspectives, and on how they came to their decisions. Then revaluate it. In the meanwhile, mine are in the post title above.