Finished a long day of haggling, spending the last few hours tussling with bugs and unhandled exceptions (API rate limits!!) in 2 of my Chrome projects.

And then, playing with some css in those moments between git push and posting the updated zip file to Chrome Web Store, came the idea for this one line of code. And now a big (for me, in usefulness) feature idea is pumping adrenaline all over my body.

It’s 3 bloody AM, and I need to get some sleep before tomorrow’s run. Yet, all I can think of is implementing this one feature :)

Yet another refused blood donation due to low haemoglobin :(

Last time I was refused, I’d run a 5K that morning, and half marathon the weekend before. This time I took 10 days off running and cycling (except for a 5K last evening).

Last time I was drinking 5ml of an Iron supplement, Feroglobin, 3-4 times a week. Now I drink 15ml of that supplement every day.

I’ve also increased spinach intake – both in my smoothie and in regular diet, through lentils and other dishes.

And yet, the haemoglobin count actually fell from 133g/l to 131g/l. It isn’t unhealthy, but under the threshold, 135g/l, below which NHS doesn’t accept donations.

I’m confused (and pissed at myself) – my first donation had a count of 142. My last accepted donation had a count of 136. My exercise levels have gone up substantially since then, but so has my Iron intake, both as supplement and in form of iron-rich foods.

What else could I do? :(

P.S.: If I test low haemoglobin count at my next donation as well, I’ll be struck off NHS’ donor list for good :'(


Been surprisingly unsettled, even agitated, since a meeting earlier today.

The meeting didn’t go as well as I wanted it to, but wasn’t a bad one either. Can’t put my finger on what triggered this uneasiness, but it’s eating me.

Fingers crossed it’ll be gone by the time I wake up tomorrow.

Monday Good ride 2 hours of productive work…


Good ride.
2 hours of productive work.
4 hours of corralling myself into doing work I wasn’t ready for. Nothing got done.
3 hours of productive work.
Good ride.
An hour’s good walk with Chewie.


Good ride.
4 hours of productive work.
1 hour of doodling. Sort of.
2 hours of productive work.
2 hours of discussion around project work and more.
Good ride.
37 lengths of swim.
Bad cramp.
3 lengths of swim.
Cramp still there.


Weigh in.
Train + Bus.
Attacking that work thing I’ve been failing at. One. More. Time.
Bus + Train.