Listening to the body

Despite the worries (which all turned out real), I ended up having a decent day yesterday. I wrote to Axc, but never heard back from them. I’m trying to make myself accept their decision. I also failed the blood test—joint lowest ever score of 131 g/l. On the other hand, I did end up getting a fair amount of work done. I also enjoyed the run in the evening—35 mins of easy run finished with 20 mins of fartlek. I ended the day very tired, slightly disheartened (I’d expected the reply from Axc at end of day), but fairly satisfied. I even finished reading a book in the bed before sleeping.

Today began well—woke to Chewie snuggled up between my legs. Worked for a couple of hours, then went downstairs for a bit of stretching, refreshing, and to pick up Dudley—today is Dudley Wednesday :)

By the time I returned back upstairs, it was already over 3 hours since I’d woken up. The morning coffee had worn off, and I was feeling surprisingly drowsy. These are usually my freshest, most productive hours. This could be due to the hay fever tab, or an effect of the run and foam rolling last evening.

I could have made another coffee, and warded the drowsiness off. But, for once, I decided to listen to the body and give it a break. I had no immediate deadlines, and I had already done over 2 hours of productive work. So, I went downstairs, drank a lot of water, got under the covers, called the boys onto the bed, set an alarm for 90 mins, and we all went to sleep1 :)

It was a beautiful, warm sleep with both boys snuggled on either side. I woke up refreshed. Not just the mind, even the legs and body felt a lot recovered. We drank more water, and went for a walk. Followed it up with lunch, another short rest, and then back to work2. It’s been another super productive 3 hours now, and I am back to being satisfied. And happy. Mostly.

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Yet another refused blood donation due to low haemoglobin :(

Last time I was refused, I’d run a 5K that morning, and half marathon the weekend before. This time I took 10 days off running and cycling (except for a 5K last evening).

Last time I was drinking 5ml of an Iron supplement, Feroglobin, 3-4 times a week. Now I drink 15ml of that supplement every day.

I’ve also increased spinach intake – both in my smoothie and in regular diet, through lentils and other dishes.

And yet, the haemoglobin count actually fell from 133g/l to 131g/l. It isn’t unhealthy, but under the threshold, 135g/l, below which NHS doesn’t accept donations.

I’m confused (and pissed at myself) – my first donation had a count of 142. My last accepted donation had a count of 136. My exercise levels have gone up substantially since then, but so has my Iron intake, both as supplement and in form of iron-rich foods.

What else could I do? :(

P.S.: If I test low haemoglobin count at my next donation as well, I’ll be struck off NHS’ donor list for good :'(