There was – and still is – relatively…

There was – and still is – relatively widespread agreement among constitutional scholars that the individual mandate, is in fact, legal. At the same time, that’s not seen as a guarantee of it being upheld.

How can a nation trust its judiciary when the odds were that highest court of the land would vote against the legally correct outcome.

Royalty & Politicians

In Netherlands, crowned-for-life monarchs step down when they feel new blood is required.

In UK, monarchs serve for life but politicians retire when it’s time for new blood.

In India, politicians rule their fiefs (states, parties, constituencies) like monarchs. They rule for life, long after they’ve become prehistoric relics and a drag on their own legacies. And when they finally go, they pass on their fiefs to their frequently inept heirs, biological or ideological.

I want more bikes a single speed fixie…

I want more bikes…

a single speed, fixie for city riding, likely a charge plug,
an MTB for those times when going off the road is more alluring than staying on it,
a BMX to take to the nearby skatepark and just ride & crash,
a TT bike once I learn to swim and run properly, so I can finally get on with the triathlon plans,
and while we are at it, another road bike or two.

Now, just if someone would drop me a big bag of cash ;)