Paul Sherwen actually pronounced the whole word on ITV’s Tour de France highlights package – as a suggestion to Tony Martin’s earlier comments of ‘Super Tired’ and ‘Super Happy’. Wonder how many shots that took? :)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – definition by Google

PS: Interesting that the word is way more popular today than it was when the movie, Mary Poppins, was originally released. Sign of the socially networked times?

Not just another day

Snapped at boy after he went barking due to some neighbourhood activity at crazy o’clock. He got the message and came licked me clean, hugged and slept off.
I didn’t (couldn’t). Carried the day on 2 hours of sleep.

Spent more time driving around Guildford to drop off the boy at his day care, than the train took to get from Guildford to London.

Knocked up Brompton, heavy legs after last evening’s run intervals, and wicked wind didn’t help with ride to old street.

Attended 3 really good sessions with Campus Edu.
Met 2 new prospects at Campus London.

Sister got a job after an year relaxing at home.

Giro started.

Marianne Vos won the stage and overall lead at Women’s Tour.
Partner was delighted to discover that her pension is managed by Friends Life, sponsors of the Women’s Tour.

Sister’s job is in London. I’ll get to meet her more frequently. Theoretically. Hopefully.
About to eat pulled pork nachos.

Knackered. Happy. Excited.

It wasn’t just another day.

Monday Good ride 2 hours of productive work…


Good ride.
2 hours of productive work.
4 hours of corralling myself into doing work I wasn’t ready for. Nothing got done.
3 hours of productive work.
Good ride.
An hour’s good walk with Chewie.


Good ride.
4 hours of productive work.
1 hour of doodling. Sort of.
2 hours of productive work.
2 hours of discussion around project work and more.
Good ride.
37 lengths of swim.
Bad cramp.
3 lengths of swim.
Cramp still there.


Weigh in.
Train + Bus.
Attacking that work thing I’ve been failing at. One. More. Time.
Bus + Train.

Shame on you, LCC

Using a double negative to fool people into allowing you to mail them is one of the cheap tricks of trade for spammers and unethical websites. Not something I’d expect of a reputed cycling advocacy charity.


P.S.: I did submit the petition. But that’s because I believe strongly in the cause. That stupid checkbox label almost put me off signing it, though.