Happy Sad

Saw the first wisteria bloom on the commute to office this week.

It brought me joy. I love them. I look forward to their bloom every year, even more than I do the spring bulbs and the autumnal leaf colours.

Then I realised the date. It made me sad. This bloom was early by a month. Wisteria don’t bloom till well into May.

Work from office

Yesterday at work, I hid in the quiet room (door shut, no windows), put on headphones with white noise, sat on the floor, and worked for an hour.
That was my only hour of working with code yesterday.

I’m sure all the “creativity” and “spontaneous conversations” I must be making on my work-from-office days makes up for the hit to my productivity and mental health.

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What’s odd

Saw someone yesterday who, from a distance, felt like was wearing a Napoleon style hat. It really piqued my curiosity.

When I got closer, it turned out they just had a really odd hairstyle worn in a way that could look like a Napoleonic hat from certain angles. Boring.

Made me think how cultural expectations reverse.

Today, wearing a hat like that would be odd but an outlandishly weird hairstyle isn’t. A century (or two) ago, no one would notice the hat, but that hairstyle would get all the heads turning.

What’s odd today and here is probably not there or then.


Halfway through the sixth book, I’m now sure that the series would’ve been a lot shorter if Hermione had been the chosen one instead of Harry.

Even Ginny might’ve ended it earlier, though not sure which way it’d have gone.