Exercising is for the head, not just body

I run, I swim, I practice yoga and pilates, and I spin & bike.

I do this to stay fit. Everyone understands that.

Few understand that these workouts are far more important to my mental health, than to my physical health. I may survive physically without these workouts – unfit, but alive. I’m not sure I’d survive mentally.

That is why I preach. Not for the physical benefits, but for the mental.

I bought a grapefruit coloured yoga block

My 'grapefruit' coloured yoga block
My ‘grapefruit’ coloured yoga block

It’s bright1. It’s beautiful. And it’s unmissable.

Beautiful and unmissable – Those are top qualities in a product that I have to use thrice a day, to stretch my troublesome hip flexors and back.

No one likes stretching – it hurts, is boring, and has no adrenaline (or ego muscle) boosting effects of other exercises. Moreover, I need to do these thrice a day, unprompted!

So, I put on my self-designed design thinking hat, and ordered the exercise block in a colour that I can’t, and don’t want to, miss. Every sight of it reminds me I need to stretch, and it’s hard to not catch sight of it. And in a colour that beautiful, I want to use it – even if for painful stretches!

Yes, it’s grapefruit, not pink! ;)

Get yours here.

  1. In a room where almost everything is either black, or a shade of cream. 

Sweet pain. Bad symptom.

Legs are aching. It’s that sweet pain that comes after rigourous exercise-an evening in the gym, a long run, or a long/hard bike ride.

However, I’ve done none of these things. Last run was on Saturday, last bike ride was last Sunday, and haven’t been to gym this year. Even tonight’s Pilates class was postponed.

All I’ve done is a 1.5 hour walk last night, a 45 min walk tonight, and a blood donation in between.

I love this ache. But I’m concerned – if a bit of walking can cause it, I must be in terrible physical shape 😟