Status: dead & loved

Dead: legs are knackered from last night’s spinning. First one this season that has left me so empty. Must have done something correct. (PS: Hope tonight’s yoga session is not leg focused).

Loved: R & I were chatting in the kitchen while I brewed coffee. Chewie came out and started whining. Made us follow him back to the bed, curled up in my spot, and beckoned us (with those dreamy eyes) to get on the bed. He’s been sleeping curled up on me since.

Sweet pain. Bad symptom.

Legs are aching. It’s that sweet pain that comes after rigourous exercise-an evening in the gym, a long run, or a long/hard bike ride.

However, I’ve done none of these things. Last run was on Saturday, last bike ride was last Sunday, and haven’t been to gym this year. Even tonight’s Pilates class was postponed.

All I’ve done is a 1.5 hour walk last night, a 45 min walk tonight, and a blood donation in between.

I love this ache. But I’m concerned – if a bit of walking can cause it, I must be in terrible physical shape 😟