Why did the sulking end?

Little S was sulking yesterday afternoon.

I saw him standing outside his house, doing nothing, looking morose. I know that look. That’s almost exactly how I used to sulk.

Later in the evening, he came over for a bit of play and chat, sans parents.

I asked him how/why did the sulking session end?

“My legs started hurting”

I love the honesty in kids 🙂

Goodbye Dreamhost. Hello, Linode + Cloudflare

This week I moved this website from a Dreamhost shared server to a Linode VPS. I then distributed that Linode server through Cloudflare.

It took me a a day and a bit to get it working well on Linode1. Most of the work was i) backing up databases and files from Dreamhost and transferring them to Linode, and ii) ironing out the kinks with the WordPress/PHP configuration that I didn’t have to manage at Dreamhost.
I also had to configure the sites on Apache by myself, though that was fairly straightforward, and setup some security measures and firewall. I’ve always had separate domain registrar (Godaddy earlier, now Gandi), hosting provider (Dreamhost earlier, now Linode fronted by Cloudflare), and email provider (Google Apps + Dreamhost/Gandi), so configuring DNS wasn’t a bother at all.

The website was already faster and more stable after moving to Linode. I had been itching to use Cloudflare2 for a while, and decided to give it a try. I switched the other website first. It worked fine, so next day I switched this one as well.

Switching on Cloudflare was a breeze. No messing with config files or terminal was required (though I kind of missed it3). They even detected all the DNS settings from my existing Linode server. I only need to change the name servers at Gandi, and wait for the change to propagate. I’d done a bit of research on common issues people face when connecting WordPress with Cloudflare, and prepared for them. Thankfully, none of them appeared for me.

With the full Linode+Cloudflare configuration now in place, the website is massively faster than it ever was on Dreamhost. It’s served through a global CDN, the server is better specced, and still has lower load due to CDN caching.

The other interesting bit: this amazing Linode+Cloudflare setup costs me half of what the Dreamhost shared server did.

I am happy 😊

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Inception, with SSH

I was trying to access one of my shared hosting servers (Server A) using SSH. Entered the password wrong a few times, and got my home IP blocked.

I already had an SSH session in another VPS server (Server B). So I SSH’d to Server A from Server B’s SSH session. I am now copying data from Server A to Server B by creating a SSH session (SCP) from Server A’s SSH session (within Server B’s SSH session).

Me -> Server A (SSH1) > Server B (SSH2) > Server A (SCP/SSH3).

Should I create another SSH session from Server B’s SSH prompt into Server A to verify that the data got copied? :D

Follow-up: multiples and fractions of 7

Earlier I wrote about remembering fractions of 6 due to influence of cricket. In the footnotes there, I mentioned also being good with number 7.

I remembered why I (subconsciously) know so many multiples and fractions of 7. It’s got to do with all those physics problems in high school.

Gravitational acceleration (g) near earth is 9.8m/s2. This can also be written as 7*7*2/10.
2 and 10 are easy to manoeuvre. 7 required me to calculate the fractions and multiples.

Since there were a lot of questions with g involved, I subconsciously memorised the frequent multiples and fractions. Now, decades later, I still (subconsciously) remember a fair number of them without having to bother with the calculation.

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