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Garmin stats - week ending Jan 07, 2018
Garmin stats – week ending Jan 07, 2018

Second, marginally more active of the two holiday weeks that I’d allowed myself.

Went for the New year’s day park run on Monday.
Followed up with a morning swim, a lunch-time yoga session, and an aborted counselling session on Tuesday.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were lost in a rut.

Saturday saw attending the second park run of the week, followed by a longer, much slower run back home. Muddy.
Went for an easy swim on Sunday. May have made it a bit too easy, but the body was stiff, so happy to at least get it done.
Ended the week like the middle – by cancelling Yoga.

Met the step target most days. Wednesday was an exception. Thursday and Friday were better – just one long walk each, away from the cold home to earn some peace of mind, speak to family, listen to podcasts, and achieve the step target.

Sleep was wayward. Wake up times varied all the way from 6 AM to almost 10 AM. Equally varied was the sleep duration – from under 5 hours to over 10 hours. Things averages hide!

In other updates, I quit the tri club. May rejoin later in the year if the head, heart, and wallet allow. Don’t have the money, nor do I need the social anxiety of meeting people I may not know for long anyway.

Eating continued the same way as the week before. Finished off almost a full home-baked cappuccino cake all by myself. Attended a birthday party, ate a lot. Ate out a fair bit. And other random, unrestrained gluttony.

As expected, the weight continued on an upward trend, hitting a high of 81.7 Kg – exactly 4 Kg above last year’s target, and 4.6 Kg above my weight just 6 weeks before. Ended up with an average weight of 81.3 Kg.
Have reduced this year’s target weight to 75 Kg.
For this week, it’d be a big achievement if I can get it to average below 81.

Target for the week is simple – 3 swims, 3 runs, 1 bike, 3 yoga/pilates, and maybe 1 gym session. Any pace, any distance. (I still doubt I’d achieve it)

The week before

Garmin stats - week ending Dec 31, 2017
Garmin stats – week ending Dec 31, 2017

How easy did I take this festive week?
This is the shortest screenshot I’ve posted in this series.

Just 2 runs – the Christmas day park run, and the NYE eve park run.
ride – 30 mins on the rollers in the conservatory.
A few long walks – Leith hill, Tilgate park, Coventry country park – but not much walking otherwise.
Loads of eating. There was a marble cake baked, and a full set of brownies produced. Neither lasted more than a couple of days. May have had a bit of alcohol as well.
Weight skyrocketed. Crossed 81 Kg at its peak, while averaging above 80 in months.
Loads of sleep though.

And the week before

Garmin stats - week ending Dec 24, 2017
Garmin stats – week ending Dec 24, 2017

The last really active week of 2017.

Missed the long run on Saturday (it was already nearly Christmas), but did make the other two runs – both finishing with the uphill trail of Compton down.

Attended the last spinning session of the year with Julian, and Phoenix. Didn’t know it then, but it was my last for a while.

It was also the first week, since the India trip, that I swam 6000m in the pool – 2 morning sessions, and one Sunday afternoon one. All easy.

Attended 2 yoga sessions – one each with Katie and Yvette – and a pilates session with Brenda (after a long break).

Even went to the gym for a shorter-than-usual session of light weights and heavy stretching.

I’ve forgotten about the eating that week, but sleep was good. Woke up before 7 on all but one days – working or working out on 5 of them.

It was a good week. Probably the last good one for a while.


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