Getting stronger…

It didn’t rain today. Mostly. There were passing showers throughout the day, but nothing stuck around long enough.

Spoke to Ma. It was a long chat, and a generally happy one. It was nice to hear her sound cheerful, after 5+ years of sleep deprivation & tiredness, and a few weeks of crying, loss and loneliness.

We went for a run. I ran 7K on the road – to the cathedral and back up – and then took the boys for a lap on the ridge (~3K). It was better than yesterday’s run – legs felt better, faster. Felt a tiny bit stronger.

These Altra Torins can’t bear mud. Not even a tiny bit of it. I was skating around for half of that last 3K. And this wasn’t even on proper trails, just a gravel track that’s muddied up a bit from the heavy rains.

In that single out & back lap, the boys managed to dirty themselves enough that I needed to shower them again. Bums!

Had a 5 Guys cheeseburger for dinner. Twice in three days! Just felt like it 😀

I also had coffee 🙂

Watched just a single episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I can identify with current state of Cristina and Meredith. I still hate Karev, and love Lexi. Didn’t watch any other TV today.

Read two books. I couldn’t pick one, so I started reading both. One’s a collection of essays with self deprecating humour, the other’s a handbook on winning and controlling power. They go well together – one tickles brain, other tickles heart.

Did some work today. The work was simple, and (I think) I did it correctly. Feedback over next few days will decide that.

What I was proud of was how I got it done. I had a severe anxiety attack soon after I started. It didn’t have to do with this work piece, but was probably triggered by a mix of things – something in another tab, something ma said, having caffeine after a week, and probably a few other things. I was, in a while, able to gather myself, get my breathing under control, and slowly, painfully, steadily able to get the focus back on the work. It was hard work. Really, really hard. But I got it done. I didn’t “take a break”, or give up and go rest. I countered it, and won a small victory. A very valuable victory. Stronger.

Oh.. I stretched today. After the run, after cleaning the boys, after feeding them, and cleaning the bathroom. But I did. Even foam rolled! I had to lock myself in the front reception to prevent the boys from interfering, but I got it done. Stronger.

Tonight’s a good night. Because tomorrow R arrives. We’ll have one more human in the house, so I won’t have to blame myself for everything. Real strength 😁

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