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Garmin stats - week ending Dec 3, 2017
Garmin stats – week ending Dec 3, 2017

It’s been a good week. Not as good as the weeks before the India trip, but a good restart.

Got in 2 runs – an easy, but freezing, 5K on Wednesday, and a trail 10K on Saturday. Running legs are still lost. HR was higher than expected at the pace, and recovery is taking forever, with loads of stiffness everywhere. The good bit was the (really) good form on the Saturday run – erect posture, core control, mostly forefoot strike, moderate arm swinging, and a decent cadence. The cadence, though, did steadily slow all the way, indicating tiredness, a.k.a. lost stamina.

Got in 2 swims as well – a 1700m one in the 25m pool on Tuesday, and another 2200m in 50m pool on Sunday. The Sunday swim was both frustrating, and mind-blowing.

Frustrating due to my bad form, stiff limbs, and sinking body for most of the swim (I’d had a light lunch, and a long, hilly walk with the boys before that)

Mind-blowing mainly due to my new swimming goggles. They’re so good, that I see better in them – both inside and outside water – than I see with my usual specs outside. Compared to my old swimming goggles, where I could barely see 10m in front of me, this was simply mind blowing. I’d been swimming blind so long that my brain couldn’t accept that underwater visibility could ever be so good. I stopped after just one lap, so I could gather my concentration (and show R how good the goggles were!)

Also mind blowing was my form on the last 100m set to finish off the swim – strong dolphin kicks to start, and lovely gliding-on-water form in the swim. I swam way faster, with seemingly less effort, than the much-slower sets before.

Got in a ride as well – the Monday spinning session with Al subbing for Jules. Was surprised at having ridden relatively strongly, despite just recovering from the illness, and the layoff.

Weight was a bit of a see-saw this week – saw couple of days at 78.5 – over half a kilo above last week – and a day at 77.1 – nearly a kilo below last week. Trend weight (77.9kg) is still above target, though. Will get there this week.

Steps went on well – the new streak is now 2 weeks, though with the target at a static 10K, instead of the 12K pre-India. Got dad to get started on his 10K-a-day target as well – it’s time for him to get going with a more active recovery.

2 hilly walks, and a moderately hilly run means the average floor climbed number is also back up this week :)

The big downer of the week – no yoga or pilates sessions. Club yoga got cancelled on Tuesday, didn’t get a seat at Katie’s yoga on Thursday or Sunday, and skipped Brenda’s pilates on Friday.

Plan for the upcoming week: 3 runs, 3 swims, 1 bike, and 3 yoga/pilates sessions. And to, hopefully, finish Sunday’s Hogs back race in a time no worse than last year.

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