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Garmin stats - week ending Nov 26, 2017
Garmin stats – week ending Nov 26, 2017

A week of low, but stubborn fever, ended on a good note.

Lost the whole week to go fever, but did manage to achieve my (lowered) step target everyday. Set the step target at 8000 while still suffering. Will increase it to 10,000 some time this week, and back to 12,000 next week if things go well.

The good finish was all about Sunday.

Went for a swim in the afternoon – first swim in over 3.5 weeks. First swim in November! It was refreshing for the body, and confidence building for the head. Form was a bit awkward with the stiff body, but I’ll get it back in time.

Later in the evening, went for my proper yoga class in over 2 months. Since Rachel left, the Phoenix yoga class is a mix of yoga, pilates, and body control. This one, with Katie was a good and pure yoga session. Loved it! If only getting a place in this class was fairer (4 places are already booked in the class that we can book only a week from now!)

Weight has been on a downward trend all week, and that’s got me a bit worried.

I’ve been eating all the sugar and fats that I can. I’ve not been working out. And yet, weight is nearly back at pre-India minima. This only means one thing – I’ve lost a ton of fitness (heavier muscle), and replaced it with a good amount of flab (lighter fat). Not good 🙁

Starting back on the usual diet from today.

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