An old acquaintance was cribbing about ads following her on every site, begging Indian e-commerce sites to stop tracking her.

Thought of telling her about remarketing, and advising about blocking 3rd party cookies, using adblockers.


Didn’t want to be called a mansplainer again.


Sister went to Barcelona, and found Sagrada Familia boring. Didn’t even bother going inside.

I spent half a day in & around it. Could’ve well spent more. And will definitely be heading back next I’m vacationing in/near Barca.

I’m the atheist, while she’s the religious one! But then I’m the one who drags f&f to art, architecture and history shows, while she’d rather be snuggled up in a sofa with warm cider and *my* dog ;)

Wondering which one of us was adopted.

Dogs have fantastic hearing!

Sister’s visiting. Having commuted from Coventry to Kingston for last 2 days, she’s quite tired, and was snoring quite audibly in the guest bedroom.

I’m sitting, working, in the living room, and could hear her occasionally despite her closed door.

Chewie was sleeping in our bedroom with Raghs.

He just came into the living room, walked straight past me, knocked on her door twice. Don’t know if she opened it, or he pushed it open, but next thing I know, they’re both hugging and sleeping on her bed 1.

Neither’s snoring anymore.

  1. Acc. to Raghs’ rules, he isn’t allowed on the guest bedroom bed, so I’m supposed to get him out of there. I may be ignoring that rule, for the moment, to make my two kids a little happier :) 

Boiled eggs

Warm, boiled eggs, salt and pepper sprinkled on top.

Taste just as good in cool and wet autumnal England, as in cold and foggy winters in northern India.

Taste just as good at 36, as they did at 10, and at 19.

Taste just as good sharing with wife and dog, as they did with mom, dad and sister, and later with friends and wingies in hostel.

Some things, thankfully, are just the same everywhere :)