Shame on you, LCC

Using a double negative to fool people into allowing you to mail them is one of the cheap tricks of trade for spammers and unethical websites. Not something I’d expect of a reputed cycling advocacy charity.


P.S.: I did submit the petition. But that’s because I believe strongly in the cause. That stupid checkbox label almost put me off signing it, though.

Advertising Effectiveness

If you ever wondered about the effectiveness of advertising in turning a product or a campaign around (for good or for worse), this might help. According to numbers published by WSJ,

43% of all spending by Super PACs so far has been to oppose Newt Gingrich.

75% of all ‘opposing’ spending by Super PACs has been targeted at Newt Gingrich

Super PAC spend opposing Newt Gingrich was 8.7 times of spend supporting him.

If the result in South Carolina and the ratings in Florida are any indicator, these figures seem to be presenting a pretty damning statement against advertising effectiveness.