2008: Quitting Facebook.

Facebook Logo

I saw when Facebook went from being yet another social network to being the social network. I remember then, them launching ‘apps’ on Facebook. I correctly guessed that the apps would lead to an explosion of not just the social network, but also activity (noise) on my timeline, and of intrusions of privacy.

If I had been ‘in’ the game then, I’d have doubled down on Facebook/apps and made money. I wasn’t in the game then, so I did the next best thing – I quit Facebook.

People voluntarily hand over the most intimate details…

People voluntarily hand over the most intimate details of their life to Facebook, Twitter and Google so these firms can sell them to advertisers.

Then they go and protest against the UID for gathering personal information to try and help them.

Lesson: Government should promise to start selling all UID information to advertisers in exchange for klout score and daily deals. People will rush to register themselves!


Yes, I am.

Grew up in a house where everyone had a greater right to the place than us, the year-round residents. Or caretakers, as I felt of us. A house which was rarely without visitors – friends, well-wishers and, mostly, relatives (well-wishing or not). A weak financial status didn’t help our independence either. And the bullish Punjabi culture around didn’t give much space to our soft, almost meek, personalities.

So, you may understand when I say I value my privacy. That I ferociously protect my private space and time. And I’m very Very choosy about who I call a close friend. Friends, yes, plenty. Close friends I’ll share my heart with on every topic – not even a handful. Yet, priceless.

It may also help you understand why I so diligently maintain my distance from the few close relatives I have in this country. Knowingly or not, they did spoil a lot of things for me while I was growing up. Many more than they could pay for with the gifts they brought on every visit to India. So, when I maintain this distance, I only do them a favour – by not interfering in their lives in a similar manner. Or giving them the faintest of hints that they could interfere in mine.

P.S.: These thoughts were brought out of hibernation by a voice-mail invitation from an Aunt to a year-end family gathering. Interestingly, she called from a private number, asked me to call back and confirm but forgot to leave her number – should I read much into this? :|