Spoke to ma-pa yesterday.

Active user count for Todo.txt for Android touched a new high.

It’s freezing cold but sunny.

Weight didn’t increase despite yesterday’s gorging on chocolate and kaju katli. It dropped by 0.2kg.

I’m about to head out for a run.
(It was a wonderful 10K, half with boys who were half brown by the time we finished)

I saw KJT run the 100m hurdles. I think I’m in love with her :)

But not very good


Feeling constipated, shit wasn’t good :|

Struggled all morning session with a work hurdle which still isn’t resolved.

Had to take a cold shower. The boiler went down on first cold morning of the year.
R got a warm shower.
The boys got warm showers.
By the time I went in, there was only cold cold cold water left 😕

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