I had a brilliant start to the day.

Woke up at 5:30. Stretched, made coffee, made bed, gave the boy his break and breakfast, and started working by 6 AM.
Worked for a couple of hours—good strong output.
At 8 went to loo, caught up on email, brushed teeth and got ready for a run.
Ran a quick 4 miles. Happy, strong run.
Showered, shaved, and got dressed.
Got to station in time for the planned 10:03 train.

Coffee. check
Work. check
Run. check
10:03 train. check

Happy, successful start to the day :)

Note 2: the IQ test

I was given an IQ test for a study I participated in. It had four parts.

Two of them were pattern matching (look at a set of patterns and find a related one from given options) and pattern construction (create a provided pattern using a provided set of blocks).

The other two felt a bit weird to me. One of them involved defining or describing words provided. The other required me to find the common thread between two given words.

I found these two sections odd. They gave undue weight to English skills. Skills may be improved with training. In a test of aptitude or base intelligence, skill shouldn’t count. It felt wrong to have them in an IQ test.

Note 3: FCB coffee

The FCB coffee shop at Denmark Hill station is a hidden gem. It was recommended by R, and the recommendation reinforced by Misho. It’s worth all the recommendations.

The coffee is really good. The food is great! The old station building and the staff add to the mix. I love it.

Yesterday I had a chicken and chorizo panini from there for brunch. It was the tastiest chicken-chorizo I’ve ever had. Later I also got a sandwich for lunch—(really) dark brown loaf with salmon and cream cheese. Yum again.

FCB has a kiosk at Guildford station but I’ve never bothered them with business. Now I might.

I also wish they had a full shop in Guildford. We’ve got lots of coffee shops here but no one serves food as good as the FCB Denmark hill store. We could do with one like that here!

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