This week on Garmin

3 runs.

Changed the interval run from 10x 400m to 6x 800m. The Saturday run had to be managed too – a 3K with both the boys, followed by another 14K with just Chewie.

1 bike. A base building spinning class with Julian.

3 swims. The usual.

2 pilates, 1 yoga.

Missed the gym. Had a running form assessment with Philippa on Wednesday night 1

Week’s average weight dropped below 79 kg. Finally!

Loads and loads of steps! 17,000+ per day.

R was away most of the week, so I had to walk/run Chewie both times every day. Dudley is with me for an extended weekend, so he added a bit of extra work. Plus the extra chores, which Raghs would usually share (more than her fair share).

R returned last night, but I’m still knackered tonight. It’s been a heavy, but a relatively productive week. Here’s to more such ones… 🍷

Last week’s post

  1. Key learnings from running form assessment:
    1. I don’t use my arms, enough, and they overlap the front of body. Tip: ‘chin-to-hip‘ and keep them rubbing the sides.
    2. I let my hips drop. Tip: Use core to keep your body straight and in control. Practice single leg squats.
    3. I don’t use glutes. Overuse hip flexors. Tip: Sumo squats, quad & hip flexor stretches, lift heels.
    4. More foam rolling and stretches. 

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