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Garmin stats - week ending Oct 15 2017
Garmin stats – week ending Oct 15 2017

3 runs. The usual.
1 bike. HR threshold test with Julian (170bpm)

4 swims. Had to cut short the Tuesday swim, so went for an extra one on Wednesday (bonus: 50m pool on Wednesday, downside: very crowded).

2 pilates, 1 yoga (felt more pilates than yoga), and one gym session.

Weight finally dropped below 79 kg for the last three days, even though week’s average is still above it.

The key achievement

Back in July, I had decided to target 12 activities a week. This week, I finally managed that target.

Most weeks so far have had 10 activities. Even this week, it wasn’t done as planned – the one extra swim made up for one missed yoga. Still, glad to have finally made the count.

Coming week will be harder, with R out of town. But hope to manage 10 activities again, despite the responsibility of 2 Chewie walks a day.

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