11 days to London – stretching, running, gorging

It’s 11 days to London marathon.

Today, I stretched twice, walked the dogs twice, and ran 5 miles. That’s three consecutive days of running – 10K each on Monday and Tuesday, and 8.6K today.

Legs are feeling much better after three days of stretching regularly. Now, need to add foam rolling to stretching.

The run was primarily intervals with Fitstuff run group. Nothing really hurt on the run today, though the legs did feel empty after a few intervals. Took it easy after a while to prevent any potential injury.

Am feeling a bit of tingling and stiffness in the feet now – on the balls, arch and heel. Will massage them before sleeping.

Ate a humongous 1000+ kcal dinner – ½ each of a pizza, tiramisu, and chilli soul breads from Zizzi.

About to enter post run, post gluttony deep sleep.

11 days to London – stretching, running, gorging