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Garmin stats - week ending Apr 16, 2018
Garmin stats – week ending Apr 16, 2018

Ran almost every day – went from eww to ahh. Nothing much else.

The first run, on Monday, was bonkers. Every muscle in the body hurt at some point during the run, HR was high, and speed low. Body was rigid after 3 weeks of little running. It was clear that I needed to run a bit more and, more importantly, stretch a lot more. Ran every day after that, bar Friday – mostly the Onslow-cathedral-university loop. Ran with Fitstuff on Wednesday – intervals – though I partly gave up on speed halfway through.

This was my highest mileage week this year – 63km. It may be too late and too little for a good time in London. Though my bigger concern at the moment is the expected heat (20+°C temperatures) and sun. For a brown lad from India, I’m terrible at working out in heat :/

Skipped spinning on Monday, and there was no yoga on Tuesday. Went for swimming and pilates on Friday. Body was quite tired and stiff during the swim. Then, Brenda turned in the screw with a hard abs session in pilates. I was dead by end of the day!

Thanks to the near daily running, I comfortably achieved the step target all week. Ended the week with a crazy daily steps average of 18000+ steps!

Running the Onslow loop meant each of those runs had at least 130m of climbing in it, so the floors target was also easily achieved. 37 floors daily is no easy task without running.

Weight dropped back by the same 0.2 Kg that it had increased by in the previous week. Keeping it at or below current number will be an ask this week given little running or spinning.

Still haven’t eaten any peanut butter since… what feels like forever. Though, I ate a good lot of sweet this last week. Will try to give it up for at least first 4 days of the next week. Had coffee on a couple of days, and coke zero a few more days. Will be cutting back on both for the week – to get a stronger caffeine hit on Sunday.

Sleep improved in a way – I started waking up more consistently at 7:30. A small change helped – I now keep the phone, with alarm, just outside the bedroom. It makes me get up and walk out to switch off the alarm. Once I’m out, the boys don’t let me get in immediately, and then I’m awake before I know it. However, I’m still sleeping quite late, which means I’m always a bit sleep deprived.

Did no meditation. Shame!

Stretched at least twice daily (counting pilates as one stretching session on Friday). Also foam rolled and iced the legs a couple of times in the week.

Now is finally the taper week, and I’m thinking of taking it slow. Plan is for one run, swim, yoga each, apart from a sports massage, and three stretches daily. Will try to keep the floor streak going, but won’t bother with the steps. Keeping weight in check will be the hardest ask.

Targets for the current week are 2 runs (47.2K), 1 swim (~1K), no bike/spin, 1 yoga session, 2-3 meditation sessions, and average weight closer to 79.0 Kg.

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