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Garmin stats - week ending Apr 1, 2018
Garmin stats – week ending Apr 1, 2018

First 36 hours 👍, rest of the week 👎

3 weeks of barely adequate running seems to be the most my body (head?) could bear with, before letting me down. The week was a washout. I ran a 6K with the boys on Monday, and legs felt good. Tuesday evening, and the legs were jelly. I never recovered sufficiently – physically or mentally – to go out for a run again last week.

Went for spinning on Monday. Alastair was filling in for Michelle, and he made it unnecessarily hard. Race day hard. I tried not to follow, but ended up averaging 200+W – so not easy.

Tuesday morning saw me head swimming (1100m), followed by yoga with Emily. I may have been feeling good after the swim, because that yoga class felt hard and strong. I did well after a few weeks, and knew I’d put in the effort when legs went jelly once back in the car. Haven’t had that feeling since Rachel quit taking yoga classes for Phoenix.

I did 4 activities – a run, ride, swim, and yoga – in the first 36 hours of the week. And that’s it. Didn’t do a thing for rest of the week. Just lazed, and cribbed, and dug deeper into the hole. The weather was partly to blame. I was mostly to blame. Either way, the week was a whitewash.

Didn’t bother with achieving the steps targets, though did keep the floor climbing streak going (nearing a 100 days now!). Weight went back up, though only slightly (+0.2kg).

One good bit was that I didn’t have any coffee, Coke zero, peanut butter, or sweets after Tuesday. Being deprived of these addictions may have something to do with my inability to function – work, workout, meditate, walk, anything – all week.

Sleep went downhill as well – sleeping well past midnight, and waking up closer to noon, than to morning :(

Did meditation thrice. Finishing the 7 days of Calm course caused a hiccup. It was the only free course, and I’m not sure an annual membership is the best use for £36 at the moment. May start the free course again, from the beginning.

Didn’t stretch much over the week either, and can feel it in a stiff back, and stiffening legs. Bad. Slightly scary.

Targets for the current week are 3-4 runs (~60K), 2 swims (~2K), 1 bike/spin, 2 1 yoga/pilates/gym sessions, 3+ meditation sessions, and average weight below 79.0 Kg.

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