Last week on Garmin – the long race week

Garmin stats - week ending Mar 25, 2018
Garmin stats – week ending Mar 25, 2018

Mixed record at the long race, back on track on the rest.

This was another good week of running, despite the total mileage dropping below 50K.
Ran on Monday (5), Tuesday (10), and Wednesday(5). Combined with runs on previous Saturday (10) and Sunday (25), it made for 5 consecutive days of running totalling over 50K.
The long race didn’t go completely to plan. Had huge pre-race jitters for almost 2 days. Overcame them once at the start. Didn’t lose my head and started steady. However, after a while I realised the constant banking was hurting my right leg. Scared of injuring it, stopped at shorter 15 mile finish, instead of the planned 21 mile finish. The upside was that despite a 10min+ last mile, the overall pace was well faster than target pace.

2018 0326 New Shoes - Altra 0004
The new ones (Altra T3), the fast ones (Brooks PureFlow), the retiring ones (Brooks Ghost 8)

This was also the transition week, retired my good old Ghost 8s from service, and ran everything in the new Altra Torin 3s.

Rode the usual spinning session with Michelle on Monday. It was 4x hill intervals with short breaks in between. Kept it in zone 2 & 3 to build endurance.

Emily’s yoga class returned on Tuesday, and so did my pre-Yoga swim. Combined with Friday’s pre-pilates swim, I managed to swim the planned 2K this week.

Attended pilates with Brenda on Friday. Was a usual, good session. She’d been off skiing, hence Sharon taking her class 2 weeks earlier. Between her dancing and skiing, Brenda is surely a lifestyle inspiration :)

Missed the steps target on Thursday (Amit took Tango for morning walk, depriving me of 5K steps) and Saturday (resting pre-race), but achieved it rest of the week.

The floor climbing streak still continues :)

Weight dropped below target – 79.3Kg! High of 79.8, low of 78.9. A combination of regular workouts, salads for lunch, and not many sweets1.

Sleep – Still not waking up early :(

Big success on meditation – completed sessions on 5 consecutive days – Monday to Friday. Saturday was lost to laziness, and Sunday to tiredness. Good stuff.

I got a sports massage from Phillipa in middle of the week. It may have something to do with why I was still able to walk on my legs after Wednesday. Also got a short sports massage on calves and hamstrings after the race on Sunday. It was one of the best post-race sports massages I’ve ever had. I went in hobbling, came out having forgotten what the pre-massage legs felt like. Probably the best £10 spent in a while!

Targets for the current week are 3-4 runs (~60K), 2 swims (~2K), 1 bike/spin, 2 yoga/pilates/gym sessions, 5+ meditation sessions, and average weight below 79.0 Kg.

Last week’s post

Medal model with the Cranleigh 15mile race medal
Medal model with the Cranleigh 15mile race medal

  1. This is a lie: I actually ate 3 dairy milk bars, and 4 balls of Lindor milk chocolate in a one 24 hour period. I have no clue how I still lost weight! 

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