Last week on Garmin – little running, loads of eating

Garmin stats - week ending Apr 8, 2018
Garmin stats – week ending Apr 8, 2018

A touch of running, a hint of swimming, a sprinkling of pilates, and a bucketful of dosas and burgers 😁

Running slump continued. Ran a muddy, slippery 7K with the boys on Monday. The new shoes are not built for anything other than clean roads – I was slipping, sliding everywhere. Followed up with a 10K on Tuesday – 7K on the roads, and last 3K on the gravel trail. More slipping and sliding. On Wednesday, R returned, and workouts ended.

No spinning happened. Easter monday – SSP was closed. No yoga happened either – Emily’s class on Tuesday morning has been cancelled for these two Easter break weeks.

Went for a swim on Friday, followed by Brenda’s pilates. It was wonderfully refreshing. I quite enjoy pilates with Brenda, and this combination with a swim before is specially refreshing.

Didn’t bother with achieving the steps target again, though did keep the floor climbing streak going (over a 100 days now!).

Ate a lot. I had the 5 Guys cheeseburger and dosas each thrice in the week. This is apart from at least one Chicken katsu box from Kokoro, and other regular meals.

Continued to stay off peanut butter and coffee. Broke the streak off sweets & chocolate thanks to R. She got me one of my favourite sweets from India. I ended up finishing all 300 gm of it in the first evening. Topped it up with a *large* bar of Dairy Milk, a Oreo ice cream sandwich, a flake 99, and 2 small bars of Dairy milk. Bad.

No wonder, Weight went back up by another 0.2kg. It’s gonna keep that upward trajectory this week too :(

Sleep stayed bad – frequently waking up past 9 AM, once past 11! Couldn’t sleep before 2AM most days :(

It was a complete fail on meditation as well. Needed it a lot towards the end of the week (no running was catching up mentally), but couldn’t get any time, space, or energy in the packed house.

Didn’t stretch at all. I could feel it, in a very bad way, on Monday. Everything was stiff and aching. If I do just one thing over the next 10 days, it’s to stretch 3-4 times a day. That alone will make the marathon better than anything else I can do at this stage.

Targets for the current week are at least 3 stretching sessions daily, 4 runs (~50K), 2 swims (~2K), 1 yoga/pilates session, 3+ meditation sessions, and average weight below 80.0 Kg.

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