Snow run 2017

It snowed last night. The sticky, wet, turn-everything-white kind of snow. The right kind of snow.

So, naturally we went for an earlier run today. To get in the sight before the crowds (or the sun) spoilt it.

Here’s a few shots :)




Today was one of those days when I woke up tired, stayed tired all day, and will probably sleep tired.

And it all happened last night.

No, it wasn’t her. It was a him. Julian, our spinning instructor.

He’s decided that winter is over, and we’re moving from base-building zone 3 rides to character-building zone 4 (and above) rides. My legs begged to differ.

If this was a road ride, I would have spent the first long interval tagging along, the second one barely hanging on, and the third seeing them ride off in the distance. Thankfully, it wasn’t. So, I was able to sit up for a couple of minutes, and then get back in the flow.

I never got into the high zone 4 that we were supposed to ride in in the 3rd interval. Barely got to 4.2 before the legs gave out. I’m far from the days when the heart used to be punching through the top end of zone 4 :(
At least I averaged 230+ watt for the non-recovery intervals.

Anyway, I ended up knackered. Completely.

Here’s to hoping that it’ll only get better from here.


Running like a tourist – Hartland Devon edition

Hartland-Devon run route - To the black rock beach and back
Hartland-Devon run – To the black rock beach and back

It’d been many months since the last run as a tourist. The running planned in Croatia didn’t happen – too hot, too hilly (Dubrovnik), and the beaches too beautiful (Hvar) to waste time running.

Autumn & Winter didn’t see any trips anywhere so no chance of being a tourist. And the only other trip planned in spring is to Brighton – to run the Brighton marathon. So that doesn’t count either, I guess.

So when Raghi & her friends decided to go to Devon for a holiday on a long weekend in late March, it provided a good opportunity to get some running-as-a-tourist done.

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Running like a tourist – Hartland Devon edition

Cranleigh 21

At mile 9, I was happily chugging along.
At mile 12, I stopped and walked. And didn’t want to get going again.
At mile 15, I stupidly decided to go for another lap of 6.
At mile 21, I was glad that I did.

Need more long runs.

Cranleigh 21

Tiny successes

Today, I…

  • ran 5K despite nearly abandoning yesterday’s race due to trouble with hip flexors (albeit slower than usual)
  • finished my first full set of James Dunn’s #RunStrongChallenge (despite floundering all over in single leg balancing exercises)
  • completed 3 consecutive pull ups, one more than yesterday!

Tiny successes, that may in a few months lead to a big one :)

Tiny successes

Middlering Miscellaneous

Salomon XR Shift - Side
New Shoes: Salomon XR Shift

First up: I’ve got new shoes!

… and I don’t love them.

After running through my last pair of Brooks Ghosts in just 9 months, I didn’t want to spend another £100 on a new pair. With winter approaching, more of my regular paths will be turning to trail anyway, so decided to get a budget trail pair this time. Non-available sizes in my preferred model, and unreliability of some store brands meant I ended up buying these – Salomon XR Shift. Not the best shoes I’ve tried or run in, but at least I like the colour ;) Continue reading “Middlering Miscellaneous”

Middlering Miscellaneous