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Garmin stats – week ending Jan 28, 2018

Week of twos – 2 runs, 2 rides, 2 swims, and 2 pilates sessions.

Ran an easy 5K on Monday. Then a harder run(s) on Wednesday – down to the shop, intervals in Stoke park with the club, and then run back home uphill.

I was targeting 40K this week, and after the successful run on Wednesday, was on target for it. Didn’t happen.

The weekend was a wipe out. Didn’t go for park run, long run, swim, or yoga! Probably for the good. Left hamstring was very tender since Friday afternoon, and the muscles behind both knees have been stiff all week. A run may have put me down for weeks. One of those rare occasions when the laziness may have been justified.

Feeling better today, and planning to head out for an easy 10K in 30 mins.

Returned to early morning swims on Tuesday & Thursday – 2000m each. May have even enjoyed one of them ;). Skipped the longer Sunday swim to keep it easy, and so we could go watch a movie (The post).

Monday’s spinning class with Michelle was an endurance session – the kind I like. Followed it up with a 30 mins session on rollers on Tuesday evening.

No yoga this week :( . Emily’s yoga class on Tuesday was cancelled due to the room being booked for some all-day activity, and I skipped Katie’s class on Sunday due to the movie.

Did make up a bit by attending pilates with Brian on Wednesday, and then with Brenda on Friday. Side effect: I had minor cramps in my abs :)

Lost my steps streak. Returned from London on Saturday evening, needing 400 steps in 3 hours. Then forgot about it, and went to sleep early. Lost the streak by 400 steps out of a target of 11,000, despite averaging over 15,000 for the week. Idiot!

Floor climbing streak still continues, into its 29th day today.

Never got close to achieving the weight target. Spent ½ the week a kilo above target, and the other half at target. Result was that I ended up at almost the same average weight as last week. Hope to get the average weight down to below 79.5 this week.

Target for the week is – 3 2 swims (~6000m 4500m), 3 runs (~35km), 1 bike, 3 yoga/pilates, and maybe 1 physio/sports-massage session.

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