Total Immersion Progress: Sinking a bit less, swimming a bit more

Last Monday I took my first shot at TI drill 1. A lot of sinking and stalling happened. A lot of pool water was swallowed. I got a few lengths in1, barely.

Tuesday saw a regression – a quick, early morning 1200m set with the pull buoy. Completely destroyed the leg lift.

Rest of the week was a wipeout. Tuesday’s trip to Birmingham left the foot in a terrible state. By the time the foot recovered, a few days later, the heart had sunk.

Monday presented a new start, a new week. Continue giving up, or give it another shove?

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Total Immersion Progress: Sinking a bit less, swimming a bit more


Today was one of those days when I woke up tired, stayed tired all day, and will probably sleep tired.

And it all happened last night.

No, it wasn’t her. It was a him. Julian, our spinning instructor.

He’s decided that winter is over, and we’re moving from base-building zone 3 rides to character-building zone 4 (and above) rides. My legs begged to differ.

If this was a road ride, I would have spent the first long interval tagging along, the second one barely hanging on, and the third seeing them ride off in the distance. Thankfully, it wasn’t. So, I was able to sit up for a couple of minutes, and then get back in the flow.

I never got into the high zone 4 that we were supposed to ride in in the 3rd interval. Barely got to 4.2 before the legs gave out. I’m far from the days when the heart used to be punching through the top end of zone 4 :(
At least I averaged 230+ watt for the non-recovery intervals.

Anyway, I ended up knackered. Completely.

Here’s to hoping that it’ll only get better from here.



Weight has gone from 75.4kg in late April, to 80.1kg today. 5kg up in 2 months.

Total running distance for May and June, combined, is less than that for any one of the previous four months!

Last week was the first one this year with zero activity, of any kind – running, cycling, swimming, spinning or gym work.

Time to declare this the bottom, so the only way is up.



Failed the brick session today. Didn’t hydrate on the bike properly, so had to cut down the run to just 5K. Pissed at my stupidity!

For someone born and brought up in a place where temperature tops 40C for months in a row every year, I’m disappointed how even high-20s heat crashes my body’s engine so spectacularly :(

Hope the heat relents next weekend. I’ve got a 125 mile ride, and really don’t want to suffer so long in 25C+ temperatures.