Last week on Garmin

Garmin stats - week ending Jan 22, 2018
Garmin stats – week ending Jan 22, 2018

4 runs, 2 rides, only 1 swim, and 1 session each of yoga and pilates.

The main success of the week was the Wednesday run. After badly failing last week, I gave it another go – run to Fitstuff, run with the group, and then run back home up the hill. I made the changes I’d planned – took the water belt, took a gel, and didn’t wait after the group run to prevent cooling down.

It was a success. The group run was longer and harder than the previous week, yet I was able to (almost comfortably) run back home after the run. Super happy.

It’s only right that the week peaked on the hump day!

Paced the 27 min bus at parkrun on Saturday. It was quite cold, and very, very muddy. But, I enjoyed it a fair bit. 27 min was fast enough for me to not completely slack, yet easy enough to not need to push too hard. It was boggy, muddy, fun!

Didn’t want to get R out of the bed on Saturday morning, so had to drive to/from the parkrun. A lazy afternoon, and cold weather outside meant I postponed my post-parkrun run to Sunday.

Sunday’s run was another (worse) mud fest. We (Chewie & I) did our usual Chantries & Sandy lane loop, with a small extra loop in the Chantries. By the time we got home, he had about 3 layers of mud on him, and my shoes were caked in them inside & out.

Shoes after Sunday's run
Shoes after Sunday’s run

I’m very happy with the running mileage this week. Hope to stay injury free this week, and then run 20K on Saturday (5K to parkrun, 5k parkrun, 10K run back).

I missed the Tuesday swim thanks to screw-up with alarms, and then missed the Sunday swim because of the late, long run. As a result, there was just one swim this week, on Thursday morning. The good part was that I finally got to the pool early enough to swim 2500m on a week day morning. Now, just got to do that thrice this week :)

On bike, did a spinning session with Michelle on Monday, and another light session on rollers on Thursday. First week with 2 bike sessions in many months!

Attended 45 mins yoga with Emily on Tuesday, and made it to pilates with Brenda on Friday. Late run, followed by very late lunch meant I had to give yoga with Katie a miss on Sunday :(

Same as last week: Comfortably reached the step target everyday. Walked and ran lots of uphill, so the floors climbed were solid as well.

Baked my second set of banana bread with protein. It was better. Will finish this set, then get a pack of Madeleine for rest of the week. Will bake another set on the weekend – alternate weeks of banana bread and Madeleine.

Achieved the week’s weight target with an average weight of 79.8kg. Maximum was 80.3 on Sunday, and the minimum was 79.3 on Thursday. Ended the week, and started this week, on a high weight, so a bit worried. Target for the coming week is to average under 79.5. It may be a struggle.

Target for the week is the same – 3 swims, 3 runs, 1 bike, 3 yoga/pilates, and maybe 1 gym session. Any pace, any distance.

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