Middlering Miscellaneous

Salomon XR Shift - Side
New Shoes: Salomon XR Shift

First up: I’ve got new shoes!

… and I don’t love them.

After running through my last pair of Brooks Ghosts in just 9 months, I didn’t want to spend another £100 on a new pair. With winter approaching, more of my regular paths will be turning to trail anyway, so decided to get a budget trail pair this time. Non-available sizes in my preferred model, and unreliability of some store brands meant I ended up buying these – Salomon XR Shift. Not the best shoes I’ve tried or run in, but at least I like the colour ;) Continue reading “Middlering Miscellaneous”

Middlering Miscellaneous

Bike Racks We Like!

The Olde Times Square
Bike Racks We Like!

New York City’s Department of Transportation held a design competition for bike racks. David Byrne, one of the judges in the competition, designed these special racks tailored to specific neighbourhoods of the city. We, love them.

Here are all nine bike racks: (Images by Incubed on smugmug)

The main image on top is by Augustin Pasquet, for Untapped Cities.