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Garmin stats - week ending Feb 4, 2018
Garmin stats – week ending Feb 4, 2018

👍 running, 👎 everything else.

A 10K on Monday with the boy. Muddy.
A 10K with the boys on Wednesday. Muddy.
A 20K alone on Saturday. Very muddy.

Sign of a happy run - after Saturday's 20K
Sign of a happy run – after Saturday’s 20K

Happy to have gotten in 3 runs, and finally crossed the 40K weekly mileage. Now to keep it up there :)

Just the one bike ride – spinning with Michelle on Monday evening.

Just one swim – on Thursday morning.
Was too tired on Tuesday morning, after the 10K run + spinning on Monday, so sat in the bed and read a book instead. And skipped again on Sunday – a mix of recovering from the Saturday run, a lack of enthusiasm, and hunger.

Just one yoga, and no pilates.
Attended yoga with Emily on Tuesday. Needed it after Monday. Then skipped the pilates with Brenda on Friday because of post-lunch laziness. And skipped the yoga with Katie on Sunday because we were in London visiting friends.

Steps totals reached a new high this week, thanks to the extra running. It was the first week in a long while where I averaged above 17,000 steps a day. Don’t think I’ll be matching that again this week, but should be close if I do manage all three runs.

The floor climbing streak continues. Additionally, thanks to the 500+m climbing in Saturday’s run, I may have climbed a new weekly high average – 50 floors every day!

Marginal success on the weight target – borderline achievement. Ended the week at an average of 79.5 Kg, though Sunday’s weigh in was an encouraging 79.1 Kg :)
Target for the coming week is to average close to, if not below 79.0 Kg.

Sleep was a big success this week. I slept well, and had a good amount of deep sleep. Probably the first week in a while where the average touched 8 hours. Hope I can keep this up!

In view of increasing running mileage, have decided to reduce the targets for other activities going forward. The stretch target here onward is 10 activities, instead of 12: 3 runs, 3 swims, 1 bike, 3 yoga/pilates/gym.

Target for the coming week: 3 runs (~40K), 3 swims (~5K), 3 yoga/pilates, 1 bike.

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