Broken streak

A 12 day streak of S&C exercises – squats, bridges, donkey kicks, plank, RDLs, hamstring & calf stretches – got broken today. I’m, surprisingly, too upset about it. Way more than I should be.

Way more upset about this broken streak than about missing the weekend long run, which I plan to catch up on Monday evening anyway.



My View: Bikes versus Lorries

My View On Bikes v/s Lorries

I don’t want to ban lorries from our cities.
I don’t want to be provided segregated (and separated) bike lanes everywhere in the city, immediately.
I do want lorries to be banned from roads where segregated bike lanes aren’t / can’t be provided.

If it’s too narrow for a segregated bike lane, it’s too narrow for bikes and lorries to coexist.



Bike1 Run Swim
2016: 0 km 
2015: 1612 km
2014: 1466 km
2013: 2328 km
2012: 2111 km
2011: 3796 km
2010: 2267 km
2016: 275 km 
2015: 1202 km
2014: 579 km
2013: 542 km
2012: 97 km
2016: 0 km
2015: 9.1 km
2014: 9.1 km
2013: 18 km
Plans for 2016:
  1. Run 200Km in January
  2. Wokingham Half Marathon (21 Feb)  <<< Target: sub 1 hr 40 mins
  3. MABAC Cranleigh 21 mile race (20 Mar)
  4.    Brighton Marathon (17 Apr)  <<< Target: sub 4 hrs
  5. ? 30-50 mile ultra
  6. Steel Man Olympic-distance Triathlon (July)
  7. Down tow up flow, Marlow-Windsor Half Marathon (24 July)
  8.    Berlin Marathon (25 Sep)  <<< Target: sub 3 hrs 45 mins
  9.    Hogs Back Road Race (4 Dec)  <<< Target: sub 55 mins

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Update – June 2012 30-day Challenge

Got really tested on this one today.

Two walks of 30 min+ to/from Albert Bridge, the return one leaving me drenched.

Then, later at night, ride to Tooting for dinner, and again got thoroughly drenched on the way back.

Tomorrow, riding to Cambridge on the old faithful (my old Trek hybrid) with a heavy backpack. Hope the rain holds off at least till we cross M25.

Thanks to this sudden downturn in weather, this June challenge has suddenly become a lot more challenging :)


I want more bikes a single speed fixie…

I want more bikes…

a single speed, fixie for city riding, likely a charge plug,
an MTB for those times when going off the road is more alluring than staying on it,
a BMX to take to the nearby skatepark and just ride & crash,
a TT bike once I learn to swim and run properly, so I can finally get on with the triathlon plans,
and while we are at it, another road bike or two.

Now, just if someone would drop me a big bag of cash ;)