Death, by decade.

Dying in your thirties or forties?

“Such a shame.”

“Too soon.”

“A good run.”

“A life well lived.”

“Hell of a ride.”

Axe and Wags indulging in a bit of smart, cynical, light-hearted banter, probably mixed with a hint of gallows humour, while standing at Wags’ future burial spot – Billions S03E04

Saw the last episodes of latest seasons of…

Saw the last episodes of latest seasons of both Big Bang Theory & How I Met Your Mother. The 2 of them kept me sane & alive through the long, lonely winters. Really sad that I’ll have to spend the rest of this year without these two fabulous sources of smiles in a boring, grey life :(

P.S.: If you’ve seen the final episode, who do you think the groom is marrying? My money would be on Robin.