London town

The day had a good start – ½ kg weight drop, 0.5% fat loss, 0.3% water gain – all moving in the positive direction. Thank you weighing scale :)

Protein smoothie, bit of work, quick morning walk with Chewie, and I went off to London for meetings and meetups.

The meetings went well.
The post meeting coffee was good.
The walk from coffee shop to next meeting/up went quite well too.
Missing all the torrential showers we had today, and still getting all that walking in – excellent.
Hitting the step target just as I walked into the meetup room – perfect.

The meetup went well, though I couldn’t close the loop on a few conversations since I had to leave early, and couldn’t stay for the networking session after the Q&A.

First seat on top floor of the bus while going through some beautiful bits of dusk time central London – heartwarmingly good.

Got a good seat in the train, and it left within minutes of me getting in – ‘British efficiency’ good.

R & Chewie waiting in the car outside the station before I got there – ‘German efficiency’ good.

Happy dinner, catch-up of Gotham and, finally, getting crushed by R & Chewie as they lovingly plonked over my legs – good, good, and good.

Just making it under 2000kcal (1,973) – good!

When the worst thing about a day is that I went over my step target by 15%, it has to be called a good day, right? :)

A happy, summery spring day

It’s still spring time, but the weather today belonged in mid summer – temperatures in high 20s, bright sunshine with no clouds in sight, and a gentle breeze just to help stay cool

I went for my first bike ride (non commute/transport) in almost 11 months – the first since the mammoth 150+mile day in Wales last June.

It. Was. Beautiful.

Loved the feel of rolling along on a road bike on our Surrey roads and lanes. Beautiful sunshine, and fresh green leaves everywhere. The gentle SSE breeze helping stay cool on the way out, and helping out the tiring legs on the way back. The beautiful stream side in Shere, and a happy ride partner. It was so good that even the 3-4 dickheads in cars who attempted injury/murder couldn’t piss me off for too long.

Loved it! :)

(Returning to news of City & Arsenal drawing helped too – that 4th place is now in our own hands, 2 wins away.)

Add in an evening spent playing with Chewie, listening to soft jazz and enjoying the (now) pleasant chill in the air. The day could scarcely have been better.

On to the work week tomorrow – lots of SMR follow-ups, and IDT feature devs for me, and likely the last week in office for R.

Happy end to a happy week :)


Yesterday was a happy day.

Started with a happy morning. Not a productive one, just me swinging to DTPH songs all morning1.

Followed up with a high-energy mid-day. Ran againWorked – short, but highly productive in output. Resolved a bug in ClutterFree. Had both breakfast and lunch.

Evening was mostly about travelling to/from and attending ProductCamp London2.

Read an interesting short story on New Yorker, The Weir, on the way there and back.

Finished off the day with another short, but highly productive, bit of work.

Dropped asleep within minutes of landing in the bed, happy and tired.

Yesterday was a strange day.

Days that start so well, so high energy, usually peter out by mid-day, and end in a post-euphoria depression for me. Not yesterday. Something was different.

Saying this at the risk of this being shoved in my face for the next 20 years:

Raghi’s new daily plan, combined with daily runs, may be working.

  1. And posting random lyrics to Twitter and FB. Sorry about that! ;) 
  2. Lisa Long was amazing – in content of her talk, in its delivery, and in the Q&A. Would love to work with her some day!