Yesterday was a happy day.

Started with a happy morning. Not a productive one, just me swinging to DTPH songs all morning1.

Followed up with a high-energy mid-day. Ran againWorked – short, but highly productive in output. Resolved a bug in ClutterFree. Had both breakfast and lunch.

Evening was mostly about travelling to/from and attending ProductCamp London2.

Read an interesting short story on New Yorker, The Weir, on the way there and back.

Finished off the day with another short, but highly productive, bit of work.

Dropped asleep within minutes of landing in the bed, happy and tired.

Yesterday was a strange day.

Days that start so well, so high energy, usually peter out by mid-day, and end in a post-euphoria depression for me. Not yesterday. Something was different.

Saying this at the risk of this being shoved in my face for the next 20 years:

Raghi’s new daily plan, combined with daily runs, may be working.

  1. And posting random lyrics to Twitter and FB. Sorry about that! ;) 
  2. Lisa Long was amazing – in content of her talk, in its delivery, and in the Q&A. Would love to work with her some day! 

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