‘…I can’t keep apologizing for something I can’t change.’

– Hank in Californication S04E03

So true and so little understood. Accept apology, define punishment. Don’t accept apology, breakup. Either way, move on. Can’t just keep hankering back to an act in the past that can’t be changed.

…All I can do is keep moving forward and try to become someone you can love again.

Having spent much of the day off twitter…

Having spent much of the day off twitter, I thought I’d indulge myself by spending a few minutes on Quora. Saw 4 questions on my home page that made me switch of completely. The questions:

What is the best Hindu / Christian / Muslim / Black mobile application?

I think the proverbial Orkutiyas have reached Quora already. Time for me to quit?

‘Oh, come on, at your age the glass is …

‘Oh, come on, at your age the glass is half full.’
‘No, it’s at your stage that the glass is half full. At my age we don’t want half a glass, full or empty. In fact we don’t want a glass, end of. We want a tankard and we want it overflowing. We are the have-everything generation, remember.’
‘No, we’re the have-everything generation.’
‘Well we’re the pissed generation then.’

The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson

It shouldn’t have surprised me when I f…

It shouldn’t have surprised me when I found myself unconsciously switching on the TV this Sunday expecting to see a formula one race. My mind it seems, rightly, is wired to see sports on weekends in January.

Australian F1 GP and the Australian Open tennis -.you can’t come soon enough :)

P.S.: Was reminded I’m not alone on seeing tweets by @Brit_Asian_Girl and @nikster007 awaiting the start of F1 season.