The Donald

The Benjamin, a 100 US Dollar bill, has long ruled the world. It is the highest denomination US currency note; nicknamed after Benjamin Franklin, one of the greatest US leaders of all time, whose image it carries.

Now that the US has a new greatest-ever leader of all the time, it is time to introduce a new highest denomination bill with his image.

The Donald.
A USD 500 note with President Donald Trump’s image on one side and a golden, instead of green, hue to the note.

Make it happen, USA. U S A. U. S. A. U. S. A.

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The Bombing

I have often wondered – why did the Americans drop bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki, and not on Tokyo itself?
Because Tokyo was better defended, because they wanted the leadership to be alive to ensure a quick surrender or was there some other reason? Another plausible reason that comes to mind (haven’t checked) is that these two cities might have been the industrial heart of Imperial Japan while Tokyo was only a political centre. Can anyone confirm the actual reason?