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    1. :) i can actually believe that :P. I just read that post on the perfect sunday (was it that one?) and i think i counted the number of times raghs was mentioned :D

      Me – the usual – killing myself … though i have followed in your (and raghi’s path and taken up spanish). love your bucketlist… and i have to vehemently agree on one item :D

    2. Of course, she had to be mentioned. After the solitude of my long rides, I need someone to fill my brain with noise, don’t I? :)
      On same note, if you come visit us, I may have to double the length of my rides to create enough space :P

      Spanish – nice! Instituto Hispania? How’s it going so far? Any cute guys / hunks in class with whom you can action the last point in my bucket list (I’m assuming that’s the one you ‘vehemently’ agreed with). ;)

    3. will do :). yess…instituto – am more excited about the gals i met there! so are u saying that the number of times her name was mentioned is not to be mistaken for eternal devotion? :D

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