Not just fornication..

Why do I like Californication. It’s not just the fornication.

I can identify with Hank. We’re both overflowing with darkness, yet are eternal optimists at heart. To really hurt us, stab at that optimism, that confidence. It hurts far more than a kick in the face.

And, we both are so quick at saying good bye, yet so bad at letting go. That hurts too.

Also, the fornication. I like the fornication bit of the series too ;)


‘…I can’t keep apologizing for something I can’t change.’

– Hank in Californication S04E03

So true and so little understood. Accept apology, define punishment. Don’t accept apology, breakup. Either way, move on. Can’t just keep hankering back to an act in the past that can’t be changed.

…All I can do is keep moving forward and try to become someone you can love again.