After the London marathon 2018 - waiting for R and Chewie

Target for 2019 – Rank within top 50 at Guildford Parkrun

My PB at Guildford Parkrun is 23:12, and my best ranking is 77.
My current time at Guildford Parkrun is 25 mins (5:00 min/km), and ranking is near 120.

To rank in the top 50, I would need to achieve a time of 22 mins or lower. This would require running at an average pace of 4:24 min/km.

Losing 3 mins will not be easy. It’s a good target – challenging but not impossible.

Stretch target: Run London marathon in 3.5 hours (5:00 min/km).

Interesting coincidence: According to this pace calculator, running a 22 min 5K corresponds to running a 3.5 hour marathon :)

Expected difficulty

Moderate (for the 22-min 5K)

Very hard (for the 3.5-hour marathon)

Tips & tactics

  1. Continue working on the good running form with the Chi running book.
  2. Include intervals and tempo runs in training to improve the 5K pace.
  3. Build up stamina with long, not-very-slow runs to develop both physical and aerobic capacity.
  4. Stretch regularly, stay injury free.

Memorable phrase

Run like Eliud Kipchoge :)

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